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Everything You Need To Know on The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford Insurance was founded in 1810. Making it one of oldest insurance companies in the United States. Being a veteran in the insurance industry. The Hartford insurance is a great option that can handle both big and small risks. In addition, The Hartford is also the first company to offer a small business service center.

Looking back at the company’s history. They received many achievements that they are proud to share up to this day. Here are some examples of their success:

  • The first insurance company to offer a small business service center.
  • They paid out more than $800 million in claims after the 9/11 incident.
  • Provide service and home insurance for Abraham Lincoln.
  • One of the first insurance company to provide accident and indemnity coverage.

Due to its success. The Hartford Insurance is considered as one of the most trustworthy. And successful insurance companies in the United States. So, if stability is part of your criteria. Then you should take a closer look at Hartford.

Hartford’s policy includes high liability options. Their products are designed to provide ample protection to achieve a comfortable life.

The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford Educational Insurance

Hartford Insurance has been protecting schools since the 1800s. The Hartford also earned a higher degree of experience during that time. They earned it by providing schools with a full curriculum of coverage. This includes general liability. Also, workers comp even auto insurance and more.

Hartford education property insurance not only covers buildings that are centuries old. They also cover things like school instruments and athletic uniforms. The auto insurance on the other hand includes 3D driver training. This is to assure that school vehicles are used safely. Hartford’s general liability insurance can be tailored to an institution’s unique needs. Also, you can add other important coverages like educators legal liability. This is to protect educators, trustees and administrators. They even offer special coverage for student interns and volunteers.

Also they have liability insurance to cover campus police. Take note, Hartford also understands today’s unique issues. So, whether it’s a small university or college or even private school. They offer a full curriculum of coverage.

The Hartford Small Business Insurance

Does The Hartford offer business insurance? 

Yes, The Hartford Insurance offers business insurance. The focus of this insurance is on small business commercials. The Hartford small business insurance policies include the following: General Liability, Workers Compensation. Also, Commercial Auto, Commercial Property and more. In most states, they require small businesses to have insurance. It is important to cover damage and lawsuits that come from an accident. It can also help cover damages that come from natural disasters. But what business insurance coverage should you get?

Here are some of the common coverages that business needs to consider:

First, general liability insurance. This insurance helps cover bodily injury and property damage claims. Second, business property insurance. This is to cover you in terms of theft, customer injury or fire damage claims. Third, professional liability insurance. This is to help cover any errors or omissions in your services. Fourth, workers’ comp insurance. This coverage helps employees with a work-related illness or injury get important benefits. Lastly, commercial auto insurance. This helps cover costs if you or your employee is involved in a car accident while driving to work.

How much does Hartford’s small business insurance cost?

The insurance cost starts at $22 to over $109 per month. It is based or depends on your business’ industry, location, policy limits etc.

The Hartford car insurance

First things first, what is auto insurance?

Well, auto insurance is the one who provides a measure of financial protection in the event of a car accident. If you cause an accident you could be liable for thousands of dollars in repairs. Legal fees or medical bills. Auto Insurance coverage can pay for some or all of your accident related expenses. But it depends on how much coverage you possess. You can visit “The direct focus of car insurance” to know more.

Here are some of Hartford’s unique coverages. The other optional coverages. This can provide more complete protection like towing and labor coverage. It helps you pay the cost of towing your car if it’s not drivable. Take note it will also help you even if it’s not related to an accident.

The transportation expenses coverage. Also known as rental reimburse coverage. This pays the cost of a rental car while your car is in the repair shop due to a covered loss. You can visit Rental Car” to learn how rental cars work.

Hartford windshield replacement

The glass coverage or the Hartford windshield replacement is the one who pays for repair or replacement of your windshield. Or even other damaged glass on your car. For example, you’re driving along when suddenly someone throws a rock on your car. Causing a crack on your windshield. The Hartford will cover the repair or replacement right? Well, it depends on a few factors. First you need to know if you carry comprehensive coverage. This is coverage that pays for damage to your car caused by events other than an accident. You can visit “comprehensive insurance” to learn more about this type of coverage. Take note that in most cases glass coverage is part of your comprehensive coverage. 

You also need to understand that there are two types of glass coverage. There’s a difference between glass coverage and full glass coverage. You need to determine which one you must have. Also take note that your coverage type determines if you have to pay a deductible. When you file a claim through the Harford’s glass program. You will be referred to a qualified glass repair shop who can determine whether you need a repair or replacement. And many shops have a mobile glass service that comes right to you. If your damaged windshield is repaired rather than replaced the Hartford will even waive your deductible. 

The Hartford Small Business

As a small business owner, you know that protecting your business is important. The Hartford offers a variety of Hartford small business insurance products to help you secure the financial future of your business. From property and liability insurance to workers compensation and business interruption insurance. They have the coverage you need to protect your business from the unexpected.

The Hartford small business insurance products are designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Their experienced team is here to help you select the right coverage for your business. Contact them today to learn more about the Hartford small business insurance products and how they can help you protect your business.

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