Geico Rental Car Coverage

An Analysis On Geico Rental Car Coverage Made Simple

Geico or the Government Employees Insurance Company is an insurance company founded by Leo and Lillian Goodwin. Geico offers affordable insurance to the members of U.S military until now. They still recognizes the service of the troops to by giving them special discounts.

Today Geico offers insurance to a wide range of customers. Aside from auto insurance they also offer different types. Like life insurance, jewelry insurance, home insurance, etc. Today our main focus is Geico rental Car Coverage.

Did you know that if you own a Geico auto insurance for your primary car. Automatically you have Geico rental car insurance. Your car insurance extend to your rental car. Geico rental car coverage is the same with your primary vehicle.

It’s a good news right? But what are the things we need to know about Geico rental car coverage?

Everyone needs auto insurance, before taking the highway. Auto insurance is a financial protection that will protect you and others when you’re involved in an accident. Understanding a few key aspects of a car insurance coverage will help you make the best decision possible.

In Geico you can customize your coverage or personalize your car insurance. Wherein you can fit your budget. You can also save a lot of money with their car insurance discounts.

What is Geico Rental Car Coverage

Your Geico auto insurance is the same for both your primary and rental car. So if you have an old sedan, your coverage might not sufficient for Geico rental car insurance. Take note before renting a car make sure that you have adequate coverage. You should check your coverage specifically for rental cars.

Geico rental reimbursement

Geico rental reimbursement coverage is created to help you pay for your transportation expenses, if your primary vehicle is in the repair shop. Example of this is public transportation fare or rental car.

You should consider adding rental reimbursement coverage to your auto insurance policy. Why? If your car will be in the repair shop for a long period of time. This will help you lessen your expenses. Plus, additional coverage is inexpensive to add to your policy. It’s also a good option if you don’t want to pay for a rental car.

Take note that this coverage does not apply if you need to rent a car for vacation purposes. Also, routine maintenance is also not part of the coverage.

Geico Rental Car Insurance

Geico Rental Car Insurance is optional or additional car coverage. Wherein it pays your car rental costs while your car is in repair shop as a result of a covered claim. Take note that if you learn your car is a total loss. You should start looking for a replacement. It is because the authorized rental time is limited. Also, you can keep the rental car until Geico rental reimbursement coverage runs out. Or if your primary vehicle is now ready to go.

Geico Rental Car Coverage are subject per claim limit. The example of this is, if you have $18 per day $360 per claim rental limit. The company will pay up to $18 per day but not more than $360 per claim for your rental.

Also, you can use any rental provider or company you like. If you pick another provider, you may have to pay the whole rental price. Which Geico will reimburse or refund you up to the limits of your Geico rental car coverage.

You can ask your rental provider if direct billing is available. Make sure to provide a credit card. To fulfill the security deposit requirements.

Take note that Geico rental car insurance does not cover any security deposits. Also, if you have collision or comprehensive coverage in your policy. It will automatically transfer to your rental car while your primary vehicle is still in the repair shop.

Lastly, if the car repair will take several weeks. Try renting a car with a lower daily rate. It will make your rental limit last longer. Take note that Geico Auto Insurance also offers additional car coverages like comprehensive car insurance. To know more about comprehensive car insurance you can click here.

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