GEICO Home Insurance Review

GEICO Home Insurance Review: Things You Need To Know

According to YouGov, Geico ranks 7th most popular insurance brand in the United States. They place sixth among millennials, and 2nd on generation x.

Geico offers different variety of insurance. From Geico rental car insurance to homeowners insurance. Now let’s have a look at Insured Goals’ Geico Home Insurance Review. This will help you determine if this is the right company for you.

Is Geico home insurance good? is Geico home insurance cheap? These two questions are the most common questions consumers usually asks. Today, We dive deep on Geico Home Insurance Review to seek answers. We will also give you more insights about best homeowners insurance.

First, Geico home insurance or Geico house insurance is a property insurance. Wherein it offers coverage to private residence. Homeowners insurance covers damages to your property. From furnishings to other assets in your home. Geico Home Insurance also offers a liability coverage. In order to protect your property from certain types of accidents.

Is homeowners insurance important ?

Yes, since home is where our heart is. Definitely we store valuable things here. The best homeowners insurance are designed to protect not only your home but also your most important investments. Take note, without cover you are at risk. Risk of having to pay for repairs. Especially if something unexpected happens to your home or property.

Geico Home Insurance Coverage:

1. Property Damage

It covers the damages to your property done by the following. Wind, fire, hail or water damages.

2. Personal Property

This coverage protects your personal belongings from damages or if stolen. This coverage includes appliances, furniture, or clothing.

3. Jewelry

There’s also a coverage for jewelry stolen from your property. It’s a limited coverage usually ranged from $500 to $2,000. Additionally they offer special coverages for engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond bracelets.

Other risks that may be covered by homeowners insurance policy

Personal Liability – Can help you with your medical expenses or property damage. It can also help with legal expenses if there’s a lawsuit. Additionally, damage caused by your or your pets are also covered by personal liability.

Medical Bills – If someone who don’t live with you got hurt on your property this coverage will help pay the medical expenses.

Additional Expenses – Includes extra cost if you need to stay elsewhere. So, this additional expense works if your home is uninhabitable due to fire or flood.

Geico Home Insurance Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s check what are the pros and cons of Geico house insurance.


  • Geico Homeowners Insurance is available nationwide.
  • Agents are available 24/7.
  • Affiliate and non-affiliate partners
  • Multi-policy discounts with auto insurance
  • Bundle discounts for multiple Geico insurance policies


  • Rates and discounts vary depending on your region and insurance partner.
  • Limited discount options

Geico Home Insurance Review: Discounts that could protect and save you more

Is Geico home insurance cheap? Let’s look at the different kind of discount options they offer to help you save more.

Multi-Policy Discount – When you insure your car on Geico and you have Geico home insurance. You can get a discount on your auto insurance.

Home Security Systems – A system that will help you protect your home. It will also give you a discount to protect not only your home but also your wallet.

Smoke Detector or Fire Extinguisher – Both of these can save lives, at the same time save you money on your Geico Home Insurance.

Other Types of Property Insurance

  • Renters Insurance – This is suitable for people who are renting an apartment, condo, etc.
  • Condo Insurance – It provides extra layer of protection. Also, this policy covers the exterior structure of the unit.
  • Mobile Home Insurance – Provides coverage to your home and personal belongings on the land you own.
  • Landlord – If you own a house and you rent it out, this is suitable for you.
  • Flood Insurance – An additional protection to homeowners insurance. This coverage protect you from severe water damages.

The goal of Geico Home Insurance Review is to help you with the following. First, is to give you an insight to get an affordable home insurance. Second is to give knowledge about the certain product. Lastly is to help you decide if the product fits you and your budget. Curious about the product? You can start Geico Insurance Quote here.

Do you to think GEICO house insurance is the best homeowners insurance ? You can comment down below. Additionally, you can comment what company you want us to review next.

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