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Admiral Car Insurance Products: Important Things You Need To Know

Admiral is an insurance company that is based on United Kingdom. Admiral Insurance was first offered in 1933. A simple car insurance company that offers Admiral Car Insurance as their specialty. Admiral Insurance became a well-known insurance company not only in United Kingdom but also around the world.

From Admiral Car Insurance, they now offer different variety of products. These includes travel, home, van and other variety of auto insurance like Admiral classic car insurance. Now let’s take a look at the car Insurance that helps them achieve success.

This article is an ultimate guide or review on admiral car insurance. So, if you are looking for more information, better value for your money and tips to lower your premium, then this article is for you.

Admiral Car insurance is the specialty of Admiral Insurance since its beginning. As the year goes by, they improve not only their services but also their products. Now Let’s dive deep into Admiral Car Insurance.

First, Let’s check the three levels of Admiral car insurance cover.

Admiral Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of auto insurance you can purchase. It provides full cover to provide more protection. This level consists of third party and fire & theft. In addition, comprehensive car insurance also covers the cost of repair if your car is involved in an accident. If you are using admiral-approved garage, it can give you admiral courtesy car while your primary vehicle is being repaired.

Note: Admiral approved garage or Admiral courtesy car works like Geico Rental Car Insurance.

This level also gives a no claim bonus for named drivers. A no claim bonus can be use with the other admiral car insurance policies. They also cover personal injury and lastly, 24-hour emergency helpline.

Third Party

Third party car insurance is the most basic level and this cover is required by law. So, if got involved in an accident, they’ll pay out the other driver involved. But you won’t be able to claim for the damages of your car.

Take note that this level doesn’t include protection for any damages to your car or injuries you get. Additionally, it will not protect you if your car is stolen or destroyed.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

This level of coverage protects your car from damage caused by fire or theft. In addition, they also pay out the other driver or the third party involved in an accident. However, this coverage doesn’t protect your car from damages like crash.

Admiral Car Insurance Additional Options

Admiral Insurance allows you to upgrade your policy with 6 additional options in order to suit your own needs.

  • Key Care Cover
  • Hire vehicle cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Motor Legal Protection
  • Personal Injury Cover
  • Bonus Accelerator

Different Types of Admiral Car Insurance            

Admiral Multi Car Insurance

Admiral Multicar offers an option to add cars to your policy and receive substantial amount of discount per vehicle. Take note that the discount will start from your first car onwards.  Admiral Multi Car Insurance is also ideal for families who have multicar.

In addition, Admiral Multicar can cover up to seven cars in one policy. This includes classic cars. You can also combine your car and home policies for you and your family. One of the best benefits of Admiral Multi Car Insurance is you only have one renewal date to all your insurances.

Admiral Little Box insurance

Admiral Little Box involves telematics technology. It signals information, in order to monitor the way you drive.

The box will analyze your driving behaviors. Take note that safe driving practices can lead to discounts. So, your annual premium depends on the way you drive.

Admiral Classic Car Insurance

Admiral Classic Car Insurance offers a cover for your classic cars. You can also include them in your Admiral Multicar.

Benefits of classic car insurance

Admiral classic car insurance is cheaper than regular or standard car insurance. Actually it only costs between $200 to $700 a year. It’s cheaper due to the fact that these types of cars have simpler mechanics compared to complex mechanics of modern cars. For that reason carriers think that these types of cars have a lower risk that results in cheaper premiums. But take note some of exotic cars can have more expensive premiums. In other words, your rates can go higher depending on the classic car you’re trying to insure.

It’s a classic car if:

  • The car is above 35 years but under 70 years old.
  • Have a value between £1,000 to £25,000.

Reasons why you should consider Admiral Car Insurance

Here are some reasons why you should consider admiral car insurance, especially if you’re undertaking a car insurance comparison.

Reevoo is a customer satisfaction surveys and they rate Admiral car insurance as 8.8 out of 10. In addition, almost all admiral insurance customers, says that they will use admiral insurance again for their cover after making a claim. Lastly, it’s attractive to families since admiral car insurance offers multiple vehicles and learner driver cover.

Take note that admiral car insurance policy may be subject to application status and terms and conditions. Lastly, if you are planning to get a car insurance quote, make sure that you provide full disclosure on your primary vehicle.

How Admiral Car Insurance Claims Works

You can claim using the Admiral My Account customer portal and follow the following process. You also need the following when making a claim:

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Photos of the accident area or any important details

You can also call the Admiral Car Insurance Contact Number

If you are looking for another way to claim or contact Admiral here are some of Admiral Car Insurance Contact Number:

Customer Service – 0 333 220 2000

Make a claim – 0 333 220 2033

Roadside Emergency 0 800 600 840

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